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Data Protection-Notes:

Personal Data:
As far as possible entries of personal data exist, this data will be handled confidentially and according to the privacy regulations. Personal data is only collected and used if it is required for the content or development of the contract relationship. The user can demand at any time any information about his stored personal data. Further, he can demand the deletion of his stored personal information as long as the contract relationship is finished and storing the data is no longer required.

Non-personal Data:
With every visit to the pages on this website, the access data of this process is stored in a log-file. This data is non-personal data. Therefore, we cannot trace what data was accessed by which user. Individually, with each access the following data is stored:

1. The name of the accessed files
2. The date and time of the access
3. The transferred amount of data
4. The access status (file transferred, file not found etc.)
5. The page from where the file was accessed
6. A description of the type of web browsers used

In connection with your access, we will receive usage data that is stored for statistical purposes and possibly allow identification through the IP address. No personal data is evaluated.