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Slim, Fit and Healthy at any Age

Would you fuel a Ferrari with heating oil?
Probably not, because two things will happen:

• You do not get optimal performance!
• The motor will not last long and breaks down early

Exactly the same is true for the human biochemical factory. If you fuel your
metabolism with junk food and too few nutrients, you cannot expect optimal
physical and mental performance and your health is ruined far too early.
However, with more nutrients you will feel better again from day to day. As a
side effect, these biomaterials secure your quality of life (health) up into old age.
That is exactly the topic in my books. Understanding how your biochemical
factory works. Take care of your Ferrari body with some simple things.
It is easy and you benefit from it directly. This is really much less complicated
than you think. You will be able to return to full speed more often and enjoy

Andreas Jopp!
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